Servicios inmobiliarios integrales

Urbanmas le ofrece servicios de consultoría, inversión y gestión de patrimonio entre otros

Architecture and Urban Planning

Urban and technical analysis of plots and buildings, urban management and other projects.

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Legal Analysis of investments, legal documentation, registry studies, management of proceedings and records before government agencies and legal advice.

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Economic-Financial and Commercial

Analysis of the economic viability of the assets, comparison of investments: IRR of the project, adequacy of financial structures, etc.

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Advice and Management of the whole process to completion: commercial area, economic and financial area, urban area and legal area.

Commercial Area

  • Active presence in the market.
  • Extensive knowledge of agents involved in the housing market.
  • Development and design of divestment operations.

Economic and Financial Area

  • Analysis of economic and financial viability of operations.
  • Study of the different alternatives for their economic and tax optimization.
  • Administrative and accounting advice.

Urban Area

  • Urban assets optimization.
  • Analysis of the appliccable urbanregulations.
  • Drafting of all types of plans, studies and projects.
  • Knowledge and advice before the corresponding public administrations involved.

Legal Area

  • Global advice on operations.
  • Preventive and proactive solutions to problems.
The Urbanmas team is prepared to manage and optimize real estate assets of our clients. We design the best strategy based on our experience and market knowledge with due regard to your needs, and we do coordinate the different teams involved during each process.